Wilkinson Nickel Chrome Bass Tuners Machine Heads for P-Bass J-Bass WJBL-200


Classic vintage-style replacement parts for 60 or 70's Vintage Fender Precision and Jazz Basses. Set includes 4 inline “elephant ear” tuners with matching bushings and screws. Heavy duty, high quality chrome-plated steel. Gear Ratio: 20:1 Tuning Requires 11/16"(18mm) peghead holes. Mounting hole spacing is 1-5/16" across the top, 1" across the bottom, and 1-7/16" top to bottom (on center). Reversible for right-handed or left-handed basses.

Please note these DO NOT fit most modern standard USA/Mexican Fender P/J Bass, or Squier or import bass models as they have the 60s and 70s large backplate. Please be sure to verify the dimensions before ordering (see diagram).


Price: $39.95