Wilkinson Deluxe 3x3 Vintage Individual Tuners Machine Heads WJ-44 Nickel Jade



Brand new Wilkinson Deluxe Vintage style Model WJ-44 3x3 Waffle-back Individual Tuners for Guitar with jade keystone/tulip buttons. An excellent replacement for vintage 3+3 Kluson tuners used on many Gibson guitars.

Complete set includes: 3 left and 3 right individual tuners with DELUXE waffle-back covers in nickel finish with jade buttons, 6 matching bushings and 12 Phillips-head screws. See dimension diagram for all measurements



Warning: Installation instructions not included.

This product requires very careful installation and will require a skilled person to make minor adjustments to your instrument to make sure of a good fit and the tuners are functioning properly. If you are not an experienced guitar tech or are uncertain about the installation process, please consult a local professional luthier for further assistance. We are not responsible for tuners not working properly due to incorrect or poor installation.


SKU: WILK-WJ-44-Jade
Price: $24.95