OEM Factory Spec Medium Nickel Pickguard Support Bracket for Gibson semi-hollow guitars ES-335 355


Nickel Medium Pickguard Support Bracket

Fox Guitars is very pleased to finally be able to offer brand new, 100% made in the USA, very finely crafted parts, machined and plated to the exact dimensions of Gibson’s factory OEM Spec hardware (original equipment manufacturer specifications). The “medium” 1”-high pickguard support brackets are used for all Gibson semi-hollow-body electric guitars like the ES-330, ES-335, ES-355, as well as 14 ¾”- to 16”-wide arch-top and arch-top electric guitars like the L-30, L-37, L-47, L-48, L-50, L-4C, L-7C, ES-125, ES-150, etc.  Countersunk hole for #3 screw will line up exactly with your instrument, making installation easier, holding pickguards firmly in place and at the proper height without any modifications (see dimension diagram for all measurements).

The “medium” foot is solid nickel-plated brass; threaded rod, nuts and screw are plated steel; black thread block is hard plastic. In general, the nickel hardware is used for lower-priced guitars like the ES-330 and ES-335. Each pickguard support includes the short foot with 2” long threaded rod, open nut and blind hex nut, black threaded block and 1 - #3x3/8” oval-head Phillips screw, plus 1 – matching #4x1/2” oval-head Phillips screw to attach the pickguard to the top of the guitar.

Parts are also interchangeable with existing Gibson hardware. Some parts sold separately. Hardware also available in two more sizes.

Also available in gold finish

Replacement Pin Block for mounting pickguards to fingerboard: click here

Replacement Threaded Mounting Block for mounting pickguards to existing Gibson hardware: click here

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Price: $49.95