Extra Thin celluloid tortoise shell medium blank sheet for guitar pickguards


1 sheet - 7” x 11" x .018” medium sized sheet of thick translucent celluloid tortoise shell for guitar pickguards.

This is hard to find high-quality extra thin 100% real celluloid with the classic vintage reddish-amber tortoise shell pattern seen on so many pre-1970 acoustic and electric guitars. Each sheet is enough material for large pickguards like a Gibson J-50, Country & Western or two small pickguards similar to a Martin D-18 or OM, or a Gibson J-45 or L-00. 

Pictures shown are a sample sheet for color and pattern reference only. Tortoise pattern will vary from piece to piece. Pieces do not have any adhesive backing.

Note: Both sides are factory finish only with light surface scratches and will require some buffing for a glossy finish.

SKU: XtraThin-CT-7x11
Price: $16.95