Extra Thick celluloid tortoise shell blank sheet for mandolin & guitar pickguards


1 sheet - 8” x 11" x .08” (178 x 280 x 2mm) medium sized sheet of extra thick translucent celluloid tortoise shell for guitar and mandolin pickguards.

This is a very hard to find high-quality .08” thick (nearly 3/32”) 100% real celluloid with the classic vintage deep red tortoise shell pattern seen on so many pre-1970 acoustic and electric guitars and mandolins. Each sheet is enough material for two large pickguards like a Gibson L-5 or two mandolin and one guitar pickguards, etc. Sample layout shown for reference purposes only.

Pictures show the basic tortoise shell pattern and colors. Tortoise pattern will vary from piece to piece. 

Note: Both sides are factory finish only with some surface scratches and will require light sanding and buffing for a glossy finish.

SKU: 2mm-CT 7x11
Price: $24.95