3-On-Plate Waffle-back Series Tuners Machine Heads Nickel w/ Ivory Buttons



Designed to look like the classic Kluson 3-On-Plate Deluxe Series Tuners at a very affordable price. This type of machine heads were used on many vintage Gibson, Epiphone and many other guitars including:

1956 - 1964 Kay Guitars (many models)

1956 - 1964 Gibson LG-1, LG-2 & LG-3, J-45, J-50 CF-100E, ES-125, ES-140, ES-150

1956 - 1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior, SG Junior, Les Paul Special, SG Special, Melody Maker

1962 - 1964 Gibson B-25, LG-0

1958 - 1964 Epiphone Cortez, Century, Wilshire


  • 15:1 gear ratio
  • 35mm center to center distance between posts
  • 107.5mm (4-1/4") long baseplate
  • 3 +3 configuration
  • Pair of 3-left, 3-right tuning machines includes all mounting hardware

Complete set includes: Left & Right Matching 3-On-Plate waffle-back series tuners, nickel finish, Ivory buttons, 6 matching bushings and 8 Phillips-head screws. See dimension diagram for all measurements


Warning: Installation instructions not included.

This product requires very careful installation and will require a skilled person to make minor adjustments to your instrument to make sure of a good fit and the tuners are functioning properly. If you are not an experienced guitar tech or are uncertain about the installation process, please consult a local professional luthier for further assistance. We are not responsible for tuners not working properly due to incorrect or poor installation.


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Price: $19.95