Vintage Cream Single Rail Guitar Pickup and P-90 dog ear adapter mount cover



Cream vintage-style single coil, single-rail “railcaster” guitar pickup pre-mounted in matching custom cream P-90 “dog ear” style pickup cover. It is a brand-new product that simply and effectively adapts a single rail Strat-type pickup for use in just about any semi-hollow body or archtop electric guitar with a Gibson P-90-style pickup. Many guitars including Gibson, Epiphone and others use the P-90 pickup with the dog ear cover. The cream ABS P-90 cover is custom made for attaching the pickup using pre-mounted screws and springs for height adjustable with 5/16” of movement up or down. This also provides the capability of mounting two of these pickups in the neck and bridge positions.


Pickup has a single chrome rail, cream plastic bobbins, side-by-side ceramic magnets, single conductor with ground, cloth-wrapped copper coil and 7.6k output gives the pickups a bright and punchy vintage sound like a Tele or even an ES-150 Charlie Christian pickup. Cream ABS Plastic P-90 cover.


Price: $29.95