Pickguard Mounting Kit #3 Gold for acoustic and electric archtop guitars


Pickguard mounting bracket support hardware (kit #3G) GOLD for any Gibson ES-355 or Epiphone style semi-hollow body electric guitars; small arch tops like the Gibson L-30, L-37 and L-47, as well as any Gibson A or F-style mandolins. Kit includes vintage gold plated heavy duty solid brass hardware and #4 x 1/2" screw. Handmade threaded mounting block is 3/8" high and elevates the pickguard to just 1/2" (above the binding to the top of the threaded block). This also maximizes the clearance between the bottom of the block and the top of the instrument (see kit diagram). Threaded block is hard black acrylic with one flat surface for gluing to pickguard (2 drops of super glue works best). It will adjust from 1 1/4" up to 2 1/8", from the side of the guitar to the en of the block, making it simpler to install and adaptable for smaller instruments up to wider guitars.

Price: $59.00