NEW Pickguard Mounting Pin & Block for Gibson mandolins, arch top and hollow body electric guitars


Brand new, Hand-made in the USA single 3/32” pin, pre-installed into 1/8” hard black plastic, for mounting pickguards into side of the fingerboard. Pin protrudes 1/2” and will fit into the factory existing hole and is the exact same size used by Gibson on most of their mandolins, arch top and hollow-body electric guitars with elevated fingerboards, i.e. instruments that do not have pickguard screwed into to the top .Great for repairs or mounting new pickguards. Hard to find pickguard part that is precisely cut for mounting flat against the back of pickguard at or near the top corner (example picture shown for reference).

Click Here: To check out our NEW Gibson OEM spec pickguard mounting support brackets.

Block should be attached to the back of the pickguard with a little CA super glue. It’s best to insert pin block, before gluing, into existing hole to line up the pickguard in the correct position. Use a spring clamp or piece of tape to hold the block in place to mark the proper position. Pin block can also be used for repairs or patching for old broken pickguards that have rotted through the backing strip where the original pin was attached at the factory. Note: Pin block can also be custom cut to a smaller size for pickguards like the Gibson ES-225 that require the pin to be closer to the top corner.


Price: $9.95