Loar LH-300 Tortoise Shell Archtop Guitar Pickguard Kit


New hand-made archtop guitar pickguard kit for Loar LH-300, LH-600 and LH-700 as well as any other 16” Gibson style archtop. This is a simple and affordable way to dress up your Loar archtop. The complete kit includes a .14” thick orange tortoise shell acrylic pickguard with high-gloss finish & polished edges, chrome pickguard bracket with screws. Pickguard is the same size and shape as the 1920s-era Gibson L-5 pickguard and extends from the 16th fret to the bridge. Pickguard dimensions: 9 ½” along the straight side and 10”x3 5/8” overall. Can be mounted with basic tools.

Note: Pickguard shown on a Loar LH-600 is just for reference only.

SKU: LH-300
Price: $69.00