Gibson Super 400CES electric guitar pickguard tortoise 5-ply binding


Brand new hand-made replacement pickguard for c1961 or after Gibson Super 400CES & CESN, L-5CES, L-5CESN and other archtop electric guitars. Pickguard is made from solid semi-translucent dark tortoise shell material and has 5-ply white/black/W/B/W binding around the edges except for pickup cut-outs. High gloss finish. Pickguard is design to fit models with a 4 3/4" spacing between the pickup height adjustment screws. Pickguard dimensions:  7 1/2” along the straight side and 7 3/4” x 4” overall. Note: Holes for mounting are not drilled in pickguard since exact location will vary from guitar to guitar and model to model. You will not find a custom pickguard like this anywhere but price reflects the extreme difficulty in making this design clean and precise.

Pickguard shown on a vintage L-5CES is just for reference only. 


Recommended Hardware:  Pickguard Mounting Kit #1


Price: $119.00